Actium’s Wake

*** receives 5 stars from Readers' Favorite ***

‘...a Dan Brown-style historical thriller.’

‘...a wonderful historical novel which brings to life the intrigues of the Roman Empire.’ 5/5

Released 22nd July 2014

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'Ralph Jackman has done an amazing job at making Actium's Wake a book that transports you to Rome and Egypt during this historical period.'



'A good read that I highly recommend!'

'The author has obviously done his research, and the Rome evoked in the text seems like a real place. The action takes place against a number of richly imagined backgrounds.'


'...the intrigue swiftly picks up and sweeps the reader to the end.'

Knox Robinson Publishing, an international, independent, specialist publisher of historical fiction signs Ralph Jackman's debut novel, Actium's Wake.

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Essex University celebrate the publication of Actium's Wake and the success of their former more



Newly released - Crime Unleashed


'A thrilling collection of nail biting and tension inducing narratives as judged by Sally Spedding'.


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Ralph Jackman



Ralph Jackman was born in Norwich, Norfolk in 1981.


He studied Classics at King’s College, London, before completing a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Essex in 2005.


Ralph’s work draws on either his lifelong interest in history or his current experience working for the local Police Force.

Competition News

*** Feb 2014 *** Words with Jam Bigger Short Story Runner up 2014

Jackman is runner up in the Words with Jam Bigger Short Story Competition with Apprentice Pillar, a historical short story about revenge

Historical Novel Society Original Fiction Prize
Injustice, a short story about Captain Kidd, has just been published on the Historical Novel Society website as the Spring 2012 short story competition winner.

Blood Ink Crime Writing Competition 2011
Last Chance Saloon, a short story about PC Jim Goode, was runner up of the Chapter One Promotions 2011 Blood Ink Crime Writing Competition, which was published in the anthology Crime: Unleashed in June 2013.

Fish Publishing International Short Story Competition 2012
Apprentice Pillar, a short story about vengeance, was longlisted for the Fish Publishing International Short Story Competition 2012.

Chapter One Promotions Novel Competition 2010
The Olive Tree, the first of a trilogy of Roman novels, was a finalist in the Chapter One Promotions Novel Competition 2010.